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We are very lucky to have our very own Radio Station Studio. This is where we broadcast live from and where we record our special pod casts.


Clyde Broadcast Portable Station: (Link)

  • SYNERGY 8-fader Master Control Surface
  • SYNERGY PC (200Gb HDD)
  • Mouse and keyboard (in drawer)
  • 17” TFT Touchscreen on robust arm
  • Anglepoise arm with STM9 large diaphram
  • condensor mic
  • 3 x guest mics
  • Pair of small loudspeakers (Tannoy) (power amplifiers within Synergy)
  • Pair of headphones,  Beyer ST231
  • 2U spare rack-space e.g. for TBU and/or codec etc
  • 2 x faders for playlist
  • 2 x faders for multi-page cart-stacks
  • 1 x fader for mic, supplied on anglepoise arm
  • 3 x ‘assignable’ faders for additional sources
  • 4 x AES, each with a record output and
  • comprehensive remote interfaces
  • 2 x TBU, each with a cleanfeed and talkback
  • 3 x Stereo Analog Line
  • External Monitor Input
  • Reverse (incoming) Talkback Input
  • and via the front of the MPU:
  • 3 x additional MICS, each with a headphone
  • output receiving the mixer’s Program feed, with talkback

12 Channel mixing desk
2 x Sony CD players

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